Cold Process Soap Method

Our soaps are handmade with minimal ingredients in small batches using the cold process method.

Cold processed soap is made by combining oils and lye. The chemical reaction that occurs when they are combined is called sapponification. Soap isn't soap without the inclusion of lye (sodium hydroxide).

The process requires the bars to cure for 4-6 weeks. Soaps that are not ready yet will ship closer to their ready date.


Our soaps are cut individually by hand. While we aim for them to all be the same size and weight, some may be slightly under or slightly over the weight advertised. Each bar is unique in color and design and sometimes shape. For these reasons, the bar you receive may not look exactly like the one shown in the pictures.

The scented soaps are mild in nature and will blossom as they are used.

Medical Claims

Per FDA regulations, Freckled Flower Soaps cannot and will not make any medical claims based on any of our soaps or their ingredients. The purpose of our soaps are to naturally cleanse.

If your skin becomes irritated after use, discontinue immediately and consult your physician. Although the ingredients used are all-natural, it’s best to try a new soap on a small area of your skin first.