About Me

I am a lifesaver (nurse) by day and soap addict the rest of the time! As my last chick was leaving the nest, I wondered what would I do with all of my spare time? Thus began my soaping journey.

Why soap? I'd tried my hand at melt & pour soap for a few years, but was not satisfied with how quickly it hardened, and how it limited my creativity a bit. I decided to put my high school science brain to work, and here we are!

My vision was to make soap with limited, natural ingredients, that I could create with my own two hands. It started out as a fun hobby, and quickly grew into something I dreamt about. I couldn’t wait to see what the next batch would look like. The ideas just flooded in, and so began my soaping journey.  

I love that you have no idea what your bars will look like until you cut into that lovely loaf. Soaping has brought out the artist in me, and it has quickly become my solace and my “go to” when I need to feel creative and calm. I have to say that coming up with the names for the soaps has been the most fun (see our Instagram page). 

I hope you enjoy my products, and please come back soon. 

Smell ya' later!